Alex Kontos Fruit Co., Inc.

In 1888, Alex Kontos sold his first stalk of bananas. He knew what it meant to work hard, and he knew his customers worked hard. He wanted to provide them with the best product and service possible.

The legacy Kontos began more than 100 years ago has carried throughout generations. The Kontos family continues to refine the art of banana processing, striving to provide the customer with the perfect banana. From stalks ripened in cool cellars on Morris Avenue, over 100 years age to the state-of-the-art pressurized ripening rooms of today, Kontos has consistently and progressively enhanced the quality and scope of their service.

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, one block west of the Jefferson County Farmers Market, Kontos covers about 7 acres of land. Kontos has more than 150,000 square feet of warehouse space, 50,000 square feet of coolers and carries a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables. The warehouse operates seven days a week and delivers to the entire southeast region.

Alex Kontos' simple beginnings more than 100 years ago based on a love for his business, commitment to quality, and consistent customer satisfaction built a foundation for what is today  one of the leading produce companies in the southeast.